Discover some of the experiences lived by Poli students abroad

This video was presented at the “20 Years of Doble Degree at Poli-USP” event, held on 1st of June ,2021.

Leonardo Giampani Morita

In July 2008, a few days after turning 21 years old, I was embarking in the greatest experience of my life. For the first time I was going to live by myself, a few thousands of kilometers from my family, and for two years. Despite what one might have thought, it was not hard at all, thanks to (new) friends and to the administration from both schools. The classes and exams themselves were very difficult though! During these two years, I learned a lot about engineering sciences, but also about other cultures as many colleagues came from other countries. I had the opportunity to do two internships at engineering companies. It was a key period that helped me decide the precise field I would like to work at. After the two-year program, I went back to Brazil and started my career. My double-degree was definitely something that pleased my future manager and made her hire me. Since that experience, I developed a particular taste for learning other languages and above all for travelling! In July 2019, on a whim of fate I found an open position in the company I did my second internship in France, requiring a profile very very similar to mine. After a bit of hesitation I decided to apply and in January 2020 I was back in France. Considering my career and my taste for other cultures/travelling, I can state that the double-degree program shaped my life. And I am quite sure that it will keep shaping it.

João Paulo Condé Oliveira Prado

The double degree program was one of the most formative experiences of my academic life. It taught me how to work with people from around the world, which turned out to be an essential skill in my career as a software engineer at a global company. It gave me access to a range of academic experiences that would have not been available to me otherwise, from learning French in an immersive environment to taking part in a leading robotics & embedded systems program. Even though navigating a foreign higher education system and bureaucracy was challenging at times, it gave me a different perspective to reflect on my own culture and assumptions. Finally, it allowed me to travel and make many good friends – including several from other Brazilian universities whom I would have probably never met were it not for this opportunity. I feel incredibly privileged to have gone through the program and cannot recommend it enough to other students.

The double degree is an amazing opportunity. It won’t be always easy. It’ll make you question yourself and your choices but at the end it worths every moment. It’s a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you.

Renata Alves Santos

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