International Relations Office

Escola Politécnica Da USP – Engineering School

The International Relations Office of Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo (The Engineering School) has a staff of 4 people and aims to promote students, faculty and researchers’ mobility by enhancing cooperation and helping with mobility logistics. In June, 8 2015 Poli celebrates the 1000th Double Degree of Escola Politécnica, involving 840 Poli students and 160 students of partner institutions. Nowadays, IRO-POLI has over 200 international agreements with several High Education institutions all over the world. Students and faculty members enjoy a multicultural environment with people of different cultural backgrounds. The large number of agreements with foreign High Education Institutions is one of our differentials, an advantage both for Brazilian and for foreign students.



Among other activities, our main tasks are:

 • Provide counseling and assistance for international students;
 • Advise Escola Politécnica graduates and undergraduates students on matters related to exchange study programs abroad and applications;
 • Support all the Faculty Members of Poli regarding to the administrative negotiations for the establishment of international academic partnerships;
 • Provides all the conditions necessary for exchange students from all over the world.


International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee was created in 2002; it has a Board of 10 Professors of Escola Politécnica.


Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Henrique Lindenberg Neto – President
Prof. Dr. Fernando Josepetti Fonseca – Vice-President
Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Vieira Coelho
Prof. Dr. Claudio Geraldo Schön
Prof. Dr. Edison Spina
Prof. Dr. Gustavo Roque da Silva Assi
Prof. Dr. José Rodolfo Scarati Martins
Prof. Dr. Laerte Idal Sznelwar
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Augusto Leal Alves
Prof. Dr. Marcio Lobo Netto


About Escola Politecnica of the University of São Paulo

The Escola Politecnica of the Universidade de São Paulo (Poli/USP) celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2013. Founded in 1893, the then denominated Escola Politécnica de São Paulo was integrated to USP in 1934. Turned into a national reference, it is considered the most complete engineering school in Latin America and dedicates its best efforts towards consolidating as a world class High Education Institution. By combining tradition and modernity, Poli has always been a synonym for quality and competence.

Escola Politécnica is an Engineering School that has 15 teaching and research departments ( and encompasses 17 different courses ( divided into the following areas of concentration or emphases: Environmental; Civil; Materials; Mining; Petroleum (classes are taught in Santos City); Industrial; Mechanical; Mechatronics; Metallurgy; Naval Architecture and Ocean; Chemistry (quarterly). Electrical emphases: Computing (one semestral and other quarterly); Automation and Control; Energy and Automation; Electronic Systems; Telecommunications; Computing Engineering – Cooporative Systems (classes are taught in the Capus USP Leste).

Escola Politecnica is located at Cidade Universitária (Campus São Paulo, Capital). There is regular public transportation from the Campus to Metro Station (Metro Butantan). There are another two Campi: Santos City (Petroleum course) and USP LESTE (Computing – Coorporative Systems course).


International Representations

Escola Politecnica of USP has two international representative offices:

paristechContact: Mr. Claude Barbichon
Escola Politécnica da USP – Edificio do Biênio
Av. Prof. Almeida Prado – Travessa 2, n° 128
05508-010 – São Paulo – SP/BRAZIL
Phone: +55 11 2365 1556



yokohamaContact: Mr. André Hirakawa
Escola Politécnica da USP – Edificio do Biênio
Av. Prof. Almeida Prado – Travessa 2, n° 128
05508-010 – São Paulo – SP/BRAZIL
Phone: +55 11 2365 1556