Face to face service

Student Service at Poli International Office is open: Mondays to Fridays, from 09h00am to 12h00pm Administration Building at Poli - First floor

Find out what visa type is appropriate for you. It depends basically on three factors: 

  1. how long you will be staying in Brazil;
  2. your nationality;
  3. the purpose of your trip.


* Short stay (up to 90 days)

Depending on your NATIONALITY, you may be required to obtain a visa to enter Brazil (visit visa = VIVIS) or can travel visa-free. 

To find out if you need a VIVIS to travel to Brazil, click here.


* Long stay (more than 90 days)

Depending on the PURPOSE OF YOUR TRIP, you must apply for one of the following temporary visas (VITEM):






LEGAL BASIS (in Portuguese)



research or teaching

visiting professors, researchers and postdocs – with NO employment relationship with a Brazilian institution

Resolução normativa 20 de 20/12/2017



research or teaching

visiting professors, researchers and postdocs – with employment relationship with a Brazilian institution

Resolução normativa 24 de 20/02/2018




undergraduate and graduate students

Portaria interministerial 7 de 13/03/2018



family reunion

those on family ties with a Brazilian citizen or a foreign citizen who’s a temporary or permanent resident in Brazil

Portaria interministerial 12 de 13/06/2018



MERCOSUR Residence Agreement

citizens from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Decreto 6975 de 07/10/2009

No. If you do not qualify for a visa waiver, you must apply for a visa before your departure date. The airlines are not permitted to let you board a plane to Brazil if you do not have a visa. If they do, upon your arrival in Brazil the airline will be heavily fined and you will be deported.

If you have any questions concerning immigration and visa requirements for Brazil (e.g., required documents, fees and deadlines), please contact the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy where your application will be processed. For a list of the Brazilian consular network around the world, visit

Time-saving tip: When applying for your visa at the Brazilian Consulate, take the opportunity to also request your CPF (Brazilian tax number). It is faster and much easier than requesting it after your arrival in Brazil!

First of all you have to create your universal password, please follow the instructions:

  1. Access the
  2. click on the link “First Access” and follow these instructions:
  • Enter your USP number.
  • Enter your email.
  • Enter the characters for the security verification.
  • Lastly, click the button “Password Request” and wait to receive a confirmation email, on the address specified previously; OBS.: Please be sure to check the spam box.
  • After receiving the confirmation email, access the link in the message to be redirected to a page for the creation of the universal password.
  • After to create your universal password you must to create your USP email:
  • Access the
  • At the “Usuário” (User: you must write your USP number) and at Senha (Password, you must write the password you have just created). For the next steps, follow the instructions of the site.

USP AND BUSP CARDS: It must be requested by the student himself/herself directly in link.

The system is self-explanatory. The steps are:

1. Access the option ‘USP card’;

2. Put your USP number;

3. Access the option: ‘Add/Change
Photo’ and upload it (size photo 3×4 in jpg file); – Access ‘New Application’. After
that, the student will be informed by e-mail, about the delivering process status. For the BUSP card, the steps are the same but this time you do not have to upload the photo.

Map – Buses in USP:Circular-3-Nova-Linha

BUSP or Transporte Universitário.

Maps of lines

There are 3 lines of Buses in USP. 

SPTrans or Bilhete único 

for buses and metro around city of São Paulo. 

Portuguese Language Course: Please note that all courses at POLI are held in Portuguese. We strongly advises students to take Portuguese lessons before arrive in São Paulo. As preparation for your studies at POLI, AUCANI – International Cooperation Office of USP offer an online Portuguese Language Course. Information through the e-mail to: or at the following link.

ESCRITORIO POLITECNICO INTERNATIONAL : The iPOLI is a Student Association of the Escola Politécnica, which works closely with the International Relations Office team of EPUSP (SVREInt-Poli).  Therefore, we strongly recommend to foreign students to contact iPOLI before leaving your home Country. They also promote the “Orientation Week” for more information contact: